Oil & Gas Separations



A gas producer in Southeastern Wyoming has recently completed their evaluation of our ProcessOR® particle rental skids for removing particulate contaminants on both produced water and condensate. The plant was having challenges with deposits and corrosion in their separators and piping in their liquids gathering facility. In order to mitigate the corrosion, the producer installed Pentair’s rental equipment for removing contaminants from the liquids prior to further processing. They have elected to purchase both rental skids for the current liquids facility. This was part of a 10-month evaluation of operational costs and performance. The justification for installation of the equipment was based on reduction in corrosion of piping, separators, and instrumentation from the presence of solid contaminants in the liquids.

Their process flow diagram has the liquid processing equipment at the liquids gathering facility. The liquids are separated into condensate and hydrocarbon in a three phase separator. The water removed from the gas (produced water) is disposed of in injection wells and evaporation ponds nearby. The condensate is fed to a stabilizer unit where it is separated into usable products for transport by pipeline.

As a result of the demonstrated performance, the producer has also purchased two additional rental skids to be used in an identical liquids gathering facility. This same producer has incorporated Pentair technology into their design for liquids gathering in the construction of a new facility in Vernal Utah.

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