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Pentair to Launch Innovative Pure Pack Produced Water System at Produced Water Middle East Event in Abu Dhabi

Pentair is pleased to introduce its latest innovation—the Pure Pack mobile advanced water treatment system—at Produced Water Middle East, hosted by Global Water Intelligence in association with the Produced Water Society in Abu Dhabi, November 12 – 13, 2017.

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Produced Water Cover Story in Water Technology Magazine

We are pleased to announce that our article, "Optimizing the Produced Water Handling Process" is featured as the cover story of Water Technology magazine.

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Pentair's OTC booth, 1005, will feature Dr. Grace plus separation technology you need to see

Houston, Texas (March 7, 2017) - Snap a photo with the star of our Separation Anxiety videos and then take a look at our demo vessels, products and learn about what we do from our experts!

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Pentair Appoints Dr. Carl Hahn as Director of International Sales Operations for Flow & Filtration Solutions Oil & Gas Separations

HOUSTON, Texas (June 24, 2015) –Dr. Carl Hahn has been named Director of International Sales Operations focusing on Oil & Gas Separations for Pentair’s Flow & Filtration Solutions segment. Dr. Hahn formerly served as Director of Innovation and Technology for the business.

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Pentair Showcased Improved APEX High Performance Products at World Gas Conference in Paris June 1 through June 5

HOUSTON, Texas (June 22, 2015) – Pentair’s Flow & Filtration Solutions business showcased its Oil & Gas Separations technologies with its APEX and APEX+ (APEX plus) high performance products as an exhibitor at the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris June 1 through June 5. 

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Pentair to Showcase Innovative Gas Processing and Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology at Offshore Technology Conference May 4-7

HOUSTON  (April 23, 2015) – Pentair’s Oil & Gas Separation business will exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) May 4-7, 2015, at Houston’s NRG Park. Exhibiting in Booth 1063, Pentair will be spotlighting its leading Gas Processing and Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology (HRT) capabilities.

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Efficient Gas Processing Key to Economic Growth

CONROE, TEXAS-April 15,2015 - The discovery of fresh resources such as shale oil and gas is creating significant opportunities for companies such as Pentair, a key player in the filtration and separation side of the industry.

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Pentair wins two large LNG filtration projects in South Texas

CONROE, TEXAS – August 14, 2014 – Pentair is pleased to announce that it has been awarded two large LNG filtration projects, both located in South Texas.

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Pentair’s Gas Separation Technology Provides Clean Fuel Gas, Protecting Compressors

CONROE, TEXAS – August 12, 2014 – Pentair’s gas separations technologies, UltiSep and InterSep for gas/liquid and gas/particle separations respectively, are being installed into a Colorado booster compression station.

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Pentair Launches New Website for its Oil & Gas Separations Solutions

CONROE, TEXAS – July 25, 2014 – Pentair is excited to announce the launch of its new website – www.pentairseparations.com – for its Oil & Gas Separations solutions. Designed with the end user in mind, including customers, prospective customers and partners, the site will provide a superior user experience with the following features:

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Pentair Helps Protect a NGL Pipeline from Particulate and Water

CONROE, TEXAS – July 25, 2014 – Pentair is pleased to announce it has partnered with a midstream company to keep particulate and water from entering into their pipeline in Midland, Texas. The Pentair technologies, ProcessORTM (particle separator) and LiquiSep® (liquid/liquid separator) will be located outside of the plant boundary prior to the metering skid, before it goes into the main pipeline.

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Pentair Oil & Gas Separations Shines at OTC

HOUSTON - For the fifth consecutive year, Pentair Oil & Gas Separations exhibited at OTC (Offshore Technology Conference), one of the largest oil and gas exhibitions in the world. With an attentive booth staff, the company featured a few of its most popular technologies and. drew great booth traffic throughout the run of the show

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Industry changing extractive technology

US Patent 8425663 for Polarex®, an extractive separations technology has been approved. 

Polarex® provides gas processors, chemical manufacturers, and refiners dramatically improved separation of entrained and dissolved contaminants. It is designed to replace conventional water wash and solvent scrubbing towers.

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OTC - Offshore Technology Conference 2017

05/01/2017 to 05/04/2017
NRG Center, Houston, TX

Join us at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, USA, from May 1-4, 2017.

Join Pentair at OTC. Come by Pentair’s booth and learn about the high performance filtration and separation technology that can dramatically increase reliability and efficiency while lowering operational costs.

You can find us in the NRG Center at booth #1005.

From May 1-4, 2017, OTC will take place in Houston, TX, USA. Pentair will exhibit its HRT, Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology, liquid-liquid (LiquiSep) separation technology as well as its gas-liquid separation technology (UltiSep). In addition to that, you can stop by to meet and take a picture with our spokesperson, Dr. Grace! She is our resident  Separation Anxiety Therapist and has been featured in various case study and tip videos. When you come by booth 1005, you can relax in the therapists chez lounge chair and pose for a picture with Dr. Grace and then speak to one of our experts about the products and services that save your company time and money.

HRT provides petroleum producers, refiners and gas processors dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams. Read more about HRT.

LiquiSep technology has been implemented specifically to help separate emulsions that are not separable by conventional coalescers. Read more about LiquiSep.

UltiSep technology was developed to address the inherent deficiencies of the conventional gas-liquid separators, making it possible to effectively remove liquid aerosols from gas streams. Read more about UltiSep.

Meet our experts

Our Pentair colleagues will be present at OTC to talk to you about our products and services as well as learn about your process. If you want to discuss a specific project and are interested in scheduling a meeting at our booth ahead of time, contact us now and we will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

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Pentair logo

As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. Please visit the new Pentair.com to learn more about our exciting new company and your favorite brands!