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Custody Transfer - Jet Fuel

Product custody transfer involves a number of processes, all of which are intended to meet transfer specifications in terms of water, particulate and metals. Failure to meet specifications can result in rejection of product and often lost premiums having a direct impact on the operating profitability of the refinery.

  • Clay Treating - ProcessOR vessel with our clay treating element
  • Reduce Water Contamination of Product Tanks – Water is a root cause for the formation of biological growth and color bodies.
  • Reduce Particulate Contamination of Product Streams – COMPAX® coreless systems are designed to reduce filtration costs by 20 – 70% compared to conventional cored filters.
  • Reduce Salt Bed Consumption – Salt beds are designed to reduce moisture levels to below saturation levels. When a salt bed is challenged with free, dispersed or emulsified water, its consumption increases excessively.
  • Eliminate Salt carryover – Salt Carryover occurs due to excessive water loads that create channels within the salt bed.
  • Protect NIR and Blending Unit Sensors – These sensors are affected by water carryover and caustic in the hydrocarbon streams.

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