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There are a number of factors that affect the capacity and operation of a typical amine system. Solid or liquid contaminants in the system may cause foaming. The presence of foaming is typically addressed by the addition of expensive antifoam chemicals and/or by reducing the operating capacity of the amine system.

In addition, the presence of contaminants in the system can foul heat exchangers and column packing or trays. These solid and liquid contaminants are either ingressed into the system with the feed stream, or generated within it as a result of the chemistry of the system. These contaminants are typically addressed by means of particle filters and carbon adsorption.

Separation is the most visible cost associated with the issues above. Cost, operator intervention, frequency of replacement and disposal cost are all areas that should be as efficient as possible. Now they can be. Utilizing Pentair's technology, you can reach the desired levels of fluid quality at the reduced operating costs, while improving the ergonomics of element change-out.

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