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Pentair’s Gas Separation Technology Provides Clean Fuel Gas, Protecting Compressors

CONROE, TEXAS – August 12, 2014 – Pentair’s gas separations technologies, UltiSep and InterSep for gas/liquid and gas/particle separations respectively, are being installed into a Colorado booster compression station.

Booster compressor stations take gas from a gathering system, boosts the pressure to send it to a plant for processing, and usually dehydrates the gas with TEG dehydration.  In this case the booster station will take gas from 100 psig and compress it to 400 psig, and dehydrate the gas on the discharge side of the gas turbine compressor.

UltiSep provides clean fuel gas for compression and TEG dehydration that has had particulate and free liquid contaminants removed.  InterSep protects the compressor from wear/damage by removing particles and free liquid from the gas. 

 “It’s important to our clients to protect their products and processes. Because of that we work diligently in our STAR labs to ensure that our technologies accomplish their critical separation needs”, said Gene Rudolph, Vice President, Pentair Filtration & Process – Oil & Gas Separations.

Pentair’s technologies in oil and gas seperations help solve the most critical filtration, separation and extraction issues for the produced water, gas, refining, chemical and power generation industries. For more information about the company’s solutions, including the design and manufacture of advanced technologies for the high performance separation of liquids, solids and gases, visit www.pentairseparations.com. 

Pentair's Filtration & Process business is a global leader in the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial verticals, providing solutions for the toughest filtration, separation and fluid process management challenges, as well as delivering water treatment, softening, and specialty pumps systems to customers worldwide. Specific industries and applications include oil and gas, power generation, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, foodservice, medical and municipal and industrial desalination, water and wastewater treatment. Additionally, Pentair products are used in the manufacturing of water softeners, filtration and deionization systems, marine and recreational vehicles applications, and commercial and residential water filtration applications.

Pentair plc (www.pentair.com) delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection. With 2013 revenues of $7.5 billion, Pentair employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide.

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