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Pentair Showcased Improved APEX High Performance Products at World Gas Conference in Paris June 1 through June 5

HOUSTON, Texas (June 22, 2015) – Pentair’s Flow & Filtration Solutions business showcased its Oil & Gas Separations technologies with its APEX and APEX+ (APEX plus) high performance products as an exhibitor at the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris June 1 through June 5.

Gene Rudolph, Vice President of the Oil & Gas Separations Platform, reviewed the conference: “As first time exhibitors, we were very pleased with this show. We brought in sales staff from Brazil, Australia, and the United States who made connections and educated conference and exhibition attendees on our new technology -- the APEX+.”

Pentair designs and manufactures high performance separation products and systems for the capture of particulate, liquid, and soluble contaminants from liquid and gas streams. Pentair’s UltiSep technology was developed more than 25 years ago to address the inherent deficiencies of conventional gas-liquid separators and to remove liquids and aerosols from gas streams. UltiSep flows from the inside-to-the-outside, reducing gas velocity as droplets are being removed. Please see www.pentairseparations.com for more information and a demonstration of UltiSep technology.)

Pentair’s APEX element within the UltiSep made it possible to increase separator performance with efficiencies that could exceed 99.97 percent.  The APEX element keeps annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element. This was accomplished by introducing a gentle taper in the element, so that the annular space on the outside of the element gradually increased from the bottom to top, keeping pace with the external gas flow as it exited the element. Liquid contaminant enters the gas stream through any one of a variety of events including phase separation and condensation, compressor lube-oils from compression, chemical addition to pipelines (including corrosion inhibitors), and entrainment from overheads  of contact towers resulting in aerosol distributions primarily in the nanometer range. 

Please visit www.oilandgasseparations.pentair.com/en/technologies/apex for more information and a video demonstration of liquid aerosol removal using Apex elements.

Switching to APEX+

APEX+ can be used with existing UltiSep Installations, with new UltiSep installations or with competitive technologies and systems.  

Pentair designed and manufactured APEX+ to advance the separation performance of the original Apex elements within the coalescing process and to further optimize these advanced separation technologies:

• Interception of sub-micron aerosols:

The initial interception of aerosols is critical to overall performance. APEX+ is capable of high efficiency interception of droplets as fine as 0.1 microns. This enables the element to have overall performance even better than the standard 0.3 micron Apex, without increased pressure drop or decreased element life.

• Coalescence into larger and larger liquid droplets:

Drag forces will cause the intercepted aerosols to slowly travel through the depth of the media, coalescing into larger and larger droplets in the process. The optimized element geometry of the APEX+ allows for an increase in both media depth and overall surface area.

• Mass Transfer of the captured liquids out of the gas stream:

A common challenge for many conventional coalescing elements is the ability of the element to effectively drain the captured liquids without re-entrainment. Specifically designed liquid drain media are used to transmit the liquids to the lower portion of the element, where gas velocities are minimal, prior to release. In addition, the new internal geometry of the APEX+ element significantly reduces media face velocity, minimizing the potential to shear or reentrain coalesced liquids.

For technical or sales inquiries related to Pentair’s APEX and APEX+, please contact the Pentair offices at 936-788-1000.


Pentair plc (www.pentair.com) delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection. With 2014 revenues of $7 billion, Pentair employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide.

Pentair’s solutions in Oil & Gas Separations include designing and manufacturing advanced technologies for high-performance separation of liquids, solids and bases to help facilitate balanced systems that are highly stable, reliable and robust. Its technologies help clients increase throughput, reduce operating costs and minimize waste. 

For more information about Pentair’s solutions in oil and gas separations, visit www.pentairseparations.com.

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