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Pentair to Launch Innovative Pure Pack Produced Water System at Produced Water Middle East Event in Abu Dhabi

CONROE, Texas and Dubai, UAE (Oct. 16, 2017) – Pentair, a global leader in sustainable water solutions, will introduce its latest innovation—the Pure Pack mobile advanced water treatment system—at Produced Water Middle East, hosted by Global Water Intelligence in association with the Produced Water Society in Abu Dhabi, November 12 – 13, 2017. 

At the event, Kyle Jenkins, a product engineer for Pentair, will lead a technical discussion based on his paper “Pure Pack for Advanced Produced Water Treatment” during Day 1, Roundtable Session 1, from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. local time.

“At Pentair, we are committed to advancing the treatment of process and produced water.  Produced water has historically presented a difficult filtration challenge.  As it varies widely in terms of suspended solids, particle sizes, and oil content from site-to-site, there historically has not been a ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Some systems, such as a hydrocyclone and induced-gas flotation require significant up-front investment and continued operational cost, all with a large footprint and performance that is inconsistent and rarely up to specification.  Other solutions such as cartridge and walnut filters can meet performance requirements and have a lower capital investment, but can result in high operational costs and potential downtime with frequent change outs.  Others choose to outsource the process, and pay to transport produced water to an offsite disposal facility,” Jenkins explained. “Pentair’s Pure Pack solution will enable the reuse of treated produced water, avoid the need for trucking the water and wastewater for disposal, and reduce fresh water usage—key benefits that customers will appreciate.”

Pentair’s Pure Pack: Technology Advantages, End User Benefits
The Pure Pack system, a portable solution from Pentair for secondary and tertiary produced water and wastewater treatment, offers superior water quality with a smaller footprint and lower cost of ownership as compared to conventional solutions. The Pure Pack can replace commonly used technologies such as Plate Separators, Hydrocyclone, IGF (with Chemicals), Dissolved Air Floatation devices, and others. A combination of these technologies is typically used for produced and process water streams.

Pentair’s Pure Pack system delivers consistent, high-quality treated water at variable flows (infinite turn-down capacity), even in the presence of large oil upsets.  With oil content as high as five to 10 percent at the inlet, the Pure Pack can still yield low parts per million (ppm) oil at the outlet, and the high quality recovered oil may be processed or sold to deliver value for the end user. No on-site sludge generation or management is required.

Additionally, the system requires little-to-no operator intervention and maintenance. As compared to conventional treatment technologies, it has the potential to significantly reduce costs by up to 50 percent in operating expenses, and improve efficiency/output quality.

Pure Pack offers an integrated control system with sensor feedback, which includes these key features:

  • Remote monitoring of system performance and email notification of alarms;
  • Historical data logged for analysis;
  • Necessary for estimating system life and scheduling replacement delivery/installation; and,
  • Real time monitoring of element life to prevent unscheduled shutdowns.

Pentair is offering the Pure Pack system on a monthly rental basis.  A one-time mobilization fee will be assessed to all customers. Contractual terms and conditions vary based on specific needs and geographic location. In anticipation of its launch, pilot systems have been requested by customers in the Middle East, India, Canada, and the United States. For more information, or to request a pilot, contact Prosenjit Roy at +971 4 378 1700 (ext. 817) or Prosenjit.Roy@Pentair.com

To learn more about Pentair’s Pure Pack system, watch the video: https://vimeo.com/238123774

Produced Water Middle East takes place on the Sunday and Monday of ADIPEC week and provides a focal point for engineers, project managers, and other professionals involved in produced water treatment and management. As a sponsor of the event, Pentair also host a luncheon, a mobile device charging station for attendees and table at the gala dinner. Please see www.producedwaterevents.com/middle-east for more information.


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