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The key aspects of an alkylation unit pertain to the amount of acid that needs to be made-up on a continuing basis. This cost becomes even more critical if the plant has no onsite acid regeneration, or the acid consumption exceeds the acid regeneration capacity.

  • Reduce Acid Make-up Costs – Approximately one-third of the acid consumption can be attributed to dilution caused by ingressing moisture

  • Debottleneck Caustic Treater – Reducing the acid entrainment to the caustic treater can increase the capacity of the caustic treatment

  • Debottleneck Water/Wash Treater – Reducing the caustic entrainment to the water/wash can increase the capacity of the water-wash section treatment

  • Reduce Hydrocarbon load on WWTP – SMuch of the hydrocarbons being sent to the WWTP is entrained in the effluent from the caustic and water wash sections.

  • Reduce Salt Carryover with Alkylate – The product alkylate stream carries water, and any entrained neutralization product. This can precipitate out following blending with other gasoline cuts.

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